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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between the large event and small event packages?

A: The large event package is meant for functions with 100+ guests and has the rental space for a 14-hour time period from 10 am to 12 am. The large event package is meant for weddings, corporate functions, quinceañera or large banquets. The small event package is meant for functions with less than 100 guests and space rentals only, this package does not have the option to book the entire facility. The small event package is more affordable for small birthday parties, baby shower, bridal shower or milestone celebrations.


Q: What are the rental spaces available to book and what is their approximate square footage?

A: The Pavilion – 6,000 sq. ft.     Grand Room – 1,400 sq. ft.     The Overlook – 1,180 sq. ft.


Q: How many people can the spaces accommodate?


  • The Grand Room: 100 guests

  • The Overlook Room: 49 guests

  • The Pavilion: 0 – 400 guests

    • Small Event Package: Allowed for up to 100 guests

    • Large Event Package: Allowed for 100 to 400 guests

  • The Facility:

    • Includes The Overlook, Grand Room & The Pavilion in large event package only

    • Banquet area can accommodate up to 125 seated or 150 standing guests with lobby use as well as Grand Room space


Q: How far in advance can I book an event?

A: For small events, you can book up to 6 months in advance. For large events, you can book up to 9 months in advance.


Q: What time frames are available to book?

A: Small Event Package

  • 6 hour time block between 9am to 12am

    • Friday through Sunday, all event locations available between 9am and 12am​

    • Monday through Thursday, the Grand Room is only available between 4pm and 12am

    • Monday through Thursday, The Overlook Room & Pavilion are available between 9am and 12am

  • Up to 2 additional hours allowed for 6 hour time block for additional $150 per hour 

Large Event Package

  • 14 hour time frame, you have the rental space from 10am to 12am


Q: When can I set up and how long do I have to take down from an event? ‘

A: The time frame you book – 6 hour or 14 hour is the only time you get in the rental space. This includes your setup, event & takedown time. If you need additional time with a small event rental in the Grand Room or Pavilion, you can request up to 2 additional hours for an additional $150 per hour.


Q: Can I book my event on a holiday?

A: Some holiday bookings are not available. Holiday rentals are rentals that take place on a holiday and/or that take place on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday of a holiday weekend. The Rental Fees double if event is booked on a holiday weekend. The following are not available for renting: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day.


Q: How far in advance do I need to book an event?

A: At least 30 days.


Q: What happens if I go over my rental time period?

A: Additional fees will incur and be removed from your security deposit. Please see the agreement for details.




Q: How many parking spots are available at the facility?

A: 75 spots


Q: Where is additional parking located?

A: Shuttle buses are recommended for large events. Sam Houston State University has parking availability for a fee and must be approved prior to your event. Overflow parking on the streets is prohibited.




Q: Why do I need a uniformed security officer and how many do I need?

A: A security officer is required for any event rental and must be present for the beginning of the event until the last person leaves the premises. The number of officers is also dependent on the number of guests expected.

  • 1-49 guests & no alcohol: 0 security officers

  • 1-49 guests and alcohol: 1 security officer

  • 50-99 guests and no alcohol: 1 security officer

  • 50-99 guests and alcohol: 2 security officers

  • 100-149 guests and no alcohol: 2 security officers

  • 100-149 guests and alcohol: 3 security officers

  • 150+ guests: 3+ security officers

Security has a minimum of four hours for $45 per hour. The Association handles booking for security and the total amount is to be paid via money order or credit card for the total time they are booked for, even if the event ends early. Security officer fees are due 30 days in advance of event. If these fees are not received, the event will be canceled.


Q: Why do I need a TABC server when alcohol is present at an event?

A: It is the Association’s decision to require a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission server at all events if alcohol is present. If alcohol is being sold at the event, you are required to get approval by the association in advance and have a licensed alcohol catering company to provide the alcohol service and must present the license and information to the association prior to the event. If you need recommendations on servers or licensed companies, the Association can provide upon request if available.

The TABC server may not consume any alcohol on the premises during the reservation period.


Q: Do I need an event permit through the city?

A: No, Grand Central Park and the Association take care of the annual event permit requests through the City of Conroe.




Q: What is the security deposit for and how do I get it back?

A: The security deposit is required to book and confirm your rental. Charges will be applied for expenses from costs of additional cleaning, repair damage or any amounts owed to the Association from the event. The security deposit will not be returned if any of the contract restrictions are not followed. Event rental is not confirmed until security deposit payment by money order or credit card is received.


Q: Whom do I need to make the checks out to?

A: The Grand Central Park Residential Association, Inc. 1039 Lake House Dr. Conroe, TX 77304




Q: What can I use to hang décor on the wall?

A: Nothing shall be attached or suspended to any part of the walls, ceilings or beams. Decorations must be of a temporary nature. The following is not allowed – tape, tacks, nails or staples on the walls, floors or ceilings. Painters tape is allowed. Decorations placed higher than 12 feet from the ground must be installed by a licensed and insured vendor.


Q: What decorations are restricted?

A: No glitter, confetti, rice or birdseed is permitted. No decoration canons or helium balloons are permitted. No dangerous, inflammable, or explosive character that might increase the chance of eruption of fire on the Premises. Smoke machines are prohibited. Flame candles must be in a container and receive prior approval.


Q: Can I have sparklers?

A: Sparklers must be used 15 feet from the building and receive prior approval.


Q: Can I have real candles?

A: Yes, but the candle must be in a container and approved prior to the event.


Q: Can I use the tables at The Lake House

A: Yes, usage of our tables and chairs are included in the rental fee, you can use up to 12 - 60” round tables and 125 white chairs for indoor rentals only.


The Association’s staff will set up tables and chairs prior to your event with the guidance of client’s room configuration which will be due 5 business days in advance.


If you require a change in the room configuration mid-event, you will need to hire additional staff through the association to help if help is required.


The Pavilion has permanent picnic tables. If you don’t wish to use the tables, you are responsible for moving them and they must remain onsite and be put back by the end of the rental period.


Q: How many bathroom stalls are there?

A: The exterior bathrooms have 3 stalls in the women's and 3 stalls in the men's. The indoor bathrooms have 3 stalls in the women's and 3 stalls in the men's.


Q: Can I use the kitchen in the Grand Room?

A: If the Grand Room is part of your rental space, the kitchen is available for use. Coffee supplies for Keurig are to be provided by renter. Cooking & serving utensils will not be provided. Ice is not guaranteed. The convection oven & coffee maker are available with advance request. The refrigerator and dishwasher are not available for use.


Q: Can I store supplies the day before or after my event?

A: Storage of supplies prior to and after the event is NOT available. Please be aware there is no space for storage onsite during an event. Plan accordingly for storage of misc. items.


Q: How do I get prior approval for everything mentioned in the agreement requiring approval?

A: You must complete the questionnaire at least 14 days in advance to your event. You will get approval/denial within 1 week prior to event.



Q: Can I use the TV’s at The Lake House?

A: For Grand Room rentals only, there are two TV’s available to display photos, videos or a presentation by the renter. Facility rentals can use all three TVs located on the 1st floor of The Lake House and must be requested in advance. A rolling TV can be used for The Overlook room if requested in advance.

You must make an appointment at least one business day before the event to bring the equipment needed to test on the TVs. USB & HDMI connections available.


Q: Can I use the sound system?

A: Yes, with an advance request, the sound system can be used for the Grand Room, Pavilion or Overlook Room. The renter must bring a phone or tablet capable of Airplay.


Q: Can I bring in my own sound system & lighting?

A: Yes, but you must inform the Association in your questionnaire.


Q: What electricity is available indoors and outdoors?

A: For large event facility use only, the courtyard lawn light poles can handle 30 amps each and the pedestals can do 50 amps each. For indoor circuits, no more than 20 amps can be connected to a breaker section at a time. For example, the kitchen in the Grand Room can’t exceed 20 amps at once.




Q: Can I bring a bounce house or inflatable?

A: Certain inflatable devices are allowed with prior approval but bounce houses are not permitted.

Q: Can I bring a BBQ, grill or propane tank?

A: The use of any barbeques, grills or heaters must receive prior approval. Local regulations will be enforced (e.g. a burn ban may be in effect)

Q: What needs to be cleaned up at the conclusion of my event?

A: Renter shall clean the premises immediately after use. Garbage is to be removed and placed in the outside dumpster. 30 oz garbage bags are to be supplied by renter. If additional janitorial services are needed due to the nature of the event, the costs will be the renter’s responsibility. If the area is not cleaned after the event, additional charges on top of the mandatory cleaning fee will be removed from the owner’s security deposit.

Q: Does my rental of the pavilion include the courtyard lawn?

A: The only event rentals that include the courtyard lawn in front of the building is for the entire facility or large pavilion rentals. No other rentals include the courtyard lawn. Small Pavilion rentals can use the outdoor grass space on the backside of the pavilion.


Q: Can I cancel my event rental?

A: The event can be canceled at any time.

  • 30 business days prior: Full refund on security deposit, Rental Fee and peace officer fees.

  • Less than 30 business days & more than 15 business days - Full refund of the Security Deposit & officer fee and a fifty percent (50%) refund of the Rental Fee.

  • Less than (15) business days - Full refund of the Security Deposit only, and the Association shall retain the Rental Fee & officer fees.


Q: What happens in the event of a hurricane or natural disaster?

A: If your event does not occur or is interrupted due to weather or other incidents such as rain, lightning strike, power outages, tornado, hurricane, fire, flood, pandemic, national or state shut down or other disasters or events caused by nature or a third party, The Association bears no responsibility or liability and all payments made before the incident or disaster are not refundable. The Association suggests the Applicant obtain Event Cancellation / Postponement Insurance in case such cancellation or postponement is necessary.




Q: When is the questionnaire due?

A: The questionnaire must be completed and submitted to The Association within 14 days prior to event.


Q: After I submit the agreement, is my event confirmed?

A: No, the agreement is not approved until you have written confirmation from the Association the agreement and date is approved, the Association has completed the agreement and sent a final version back and your security deposit and officer payments have been provided to the Association.


Q: I am ready to book! Now what?

A: You must first complete and submit the application form to the Association. The association will review and approve or deny the request within 30 days of submission.




Q: Is smoking allowed?

A: Smoking is allowed in designated area only and prohibited within 15 feet of the building.


Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Pets are not allowed within indoor portions of the Premises during an event. Pets may be permitted within outdoor portions of the Premises with prior written approval of the Association. Service animals are permitted.


Q: Can I have glassware?

A: Glass beverage containers must receive prior approval.


Q: Are firearms prohibited?

A: No firearms, of any type, other than those carried by certified peace officers, either municipal, state or federal. Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.


Q: Will someone from The Association be on-site during my event?

A: At least one staff member hired by The Association will be on-site during reservation period. The Staff is responsible for coordinating building issues, such as, but not limited to, accessibility, alarms, temperature regulation, opening/locking door(s) for events, stocking restrooms, and making sure the rented space is returned to an orderly manner.


NOTE: If chairs or tables need to be rearranged during the event, you can arrange for the Association’s staff to handle moving for an additional fee, otherwise the event staff are not present to help. The Staff’s role is to monitor the facility; however, the Staff are not present to help with set-up, serving or clean-up.


Q: Will the fitness center be open during my rental?

A: Residents will have access to the fitness center, hallway and restrooms. Signage will be in place for residents to access the fitness center through the side entrance and not disrupt event.


Q: Do I need additional event insurance?

A: Not normally, unless The Association deems necessary based on the premise of the event.


Q: Are there any requirements for vendors?

A: Yes, every vendor you book to come on-site for your event, must sign a facility usage agreement.


Q: Do you have a recommended vendor list?

A: Yes, email for the updated list or review your confirmation email to see the list.

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