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Below are links and guides to information that is helpful during this booking process or if you are trying to find the right venue for you!

Booking Process

Here is what to expect for your booking process at The Lake House.

  • Submit an inquiry request here.

  • If the date and space is available, a rental application will be emailed.

  • Once the application is completed, the Grand Central Park association will review and determine if the rental is approved. 

  • Proposal emailed and signed. 

  • Contract emailed and signed. 

  • Security deposit invoice must be paid immediately to book your event. 

    • If security deposit is not paid, your event is not confirmed. ​

  • You will receive an email confirmation with details and reminders for your day! ​

Helpful Links

Below is a guide to links and resources for additional information. 

Reminders & Rules

Helpful information to consider before you book.

  • You must select a large or small event package.

    • The small event is for a 6-hour period with less than 100 guests. 

    • The large event is for a 14-hour period with up to 150 guests indoors or 400 outdoors.

    • Up to two additional hours can be added for small events only in The Grand Room or Pavilion. 

  • Your date is not confirmed until a contract is signed and the security deposit has been paid.

  • The security deposit is refundable with restrictions.

  • Rental Fees double when utilizing the space on a holiday weekend. For example: if Labor Day falls on a Friday, that following Saturday and Sunday is considered the holiday weekend.

  • Access will not be granted prior to the reservation time. The Premises must be cleaned up and vacated by the end time in the Reservation Period.

  • Both the Applicant and an Association representative will inspect the Premises at the beginning and end of the Reservation Period.

  • Food trucks are allowed for Pavilion or Grand Room rentals only with prior approval. The food truck must park in front of the pool building for Grand Room rentals. 

  • Security officers are required dependent upon alcohol present and number of guests. 

  • No selling or business services are allowed unless approved by the Board in advance. 

  • The Lake House may not be used for political, religious, anti-religious, or illegal purposes. In this instance, weddings are not considered a religious purpose.

  • For indoor rentals, it is the responsibility of the clients to provide a room floorplan through the client portal at least 5 business days prior to the reservation in order to have the space set up, or it will be the client's responsibility to arrange any tables and chairs reserved for the event.

Use Restrictions

Read through the following before you begin planning your event!

  • Applicant must be at least twenty-five (25) years of age and must remain on the Premises at all times during the event.

  • Nothing shall be attached or suspended from any part of the walls, ceilings or floor with tape that leaves a sticky residue, tacks, nails, staples or any other item. Decorations must be of a temporary nature. Masking tape is only allowed on glass or plastic surfaces. Painters tape or command strips that will not damage the surface is permitted.

  • No glitter, confetti, rice or birdseed is permitted.

  • No decoration canons or helium balloons are permitted.

  • Any decorations placed higher than 12 feet from the ground must be installed by a licensed and insured vendor. Proof of adequate insurance must be provided prior to the vendor entering the facility and is subject to verification.

  • Smoking is prohibited at all times inside the facilities. Smoking is only allowed outside in designated areas.

  • Pets are not allowed within indoor portions of the Premises during an event. Pets may be permitted within outdoor portions of the Premises with prior written approval of the Association. Service animals are allowed.

  • No stakes may be placed in the ground in the event lawn; however, sandbags may be used to set up decorations. No flames are permitted on the event lawn.

  • Glass beverage containers must receive prior approval.

  • No fees, admissions or cover charges of any nature shall be charged or collected from his/her attendees as a prerequisite or condition of entering the Premises.

  • Nothing dangerous, inflammable, or explosive in character is allowed.

  • Flame candles must be in a container and receive prior approval.

  • Sparklers must be used 15 feet from the building and receive prior approval.

  • No firearms, of any type, other than those carried by certified Security Officers, either municipal, state or federal.

  • Storage of supplies prior to and after the event is not available.

  • Coffee, cooking and serving supplies are to be provided by the client. 

  • Ice is not guaranteed. Applicant should arrange for their own ice.

  • Convection oven and coffee maker are available with advance request.

  • Furniture can't be moved or rearranged. 

  • No additional equipment may be added without prior approval. Additional equipment includes, but is not limited to, cooking devices, music/sound systems, special lighting and electrical devices.

  • Inflatable units may be permitted with prior approval; however, no bounce houses.

  • Sound levels will be monitored and must be kept at a reasonable level.

  • Barbeques/Grills/Propane or Other Heaters – The use of any barbeques, grills or heaters must receive prior approval. Local regulations will be enforced (e.g. a burn ban may be in effect).

  • Guests must refrain from abusive or profane language and behavior.

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